3 thoughts on “Gaming Screen Shot #1”

  1. Not bad, maybe try creating the costume after she joined Starfleet?

    Wish they added weapons based on series, could go for an EM-33 or the pulse rifle the MACOs used.

  2. This is the outfit she wore after joining Starfleet. The colors are actually taken from a photo of one of the outfits. She had several similar in design, but all different colors. As far as the MACO guns, the MK XII MACO rifle acquired through OMEGA tier 5 rep is pretty close to the one used in Enterprise. The Adapted MACO is the newer one, but doesn’t as closely resemble the ones used in the show.

  3. I meant the uniform she wore with the Starfleet emblem on the shoulder. Not sure if it was in use in the show or just the last episode.

    I agree with you on the MACO gear, but I was thinking more closely related to the show with weapon effects and all.

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