One of AMD’s Best Processors – The Zambezi

I am NOT trying to start a war of words about AMD Vs Intel so let’s just stop that line of thinking right there.

Instead, I am here to let you all know that I have finally purchased my new processor and it’s one of the better ones on the market. It is called the AMD FX-8150 Zambezi which clocks at 3.6ghz from the factory.

AMD FX-8150 Zambezi

I got the exact kit pictured above and yes, that is a liquid cooling system and not just your standard heatsink and fan. While reading reviews, it appears that many people had issues with installing the liquid cooling unit as the instructions are referred to as “terrible.” I’m no slouch when it comes to putting computers together so I am sure I can figure it out and in worst case, I call my old college pal who knows a ton more about these machines than I do.

Not only did I get the processor, but I also got a very nice MSi motherboard (benchmark results stated the this processor tested significantly better with the exact MSi mobo I got) as I am putting together a whole new machine. I also got 8gigs of new DDR3 ram (1600) although I will probably end up grabbing another 8gigs as my mobo has 4 ram slots (the mobo actually supports up to 32gigs of ram). Knowing I would need more power, I also opted for a Rosewill PSU as well as a brand new case, also by Rosewill.

I got a little annoyed because I paid for 2 day shipping, yet my package is scheduled by UPS to get here on Thursday ( I ordered very early Friday Morning). Gonna have to talk to them about refunding my money on that issue. Still, I am excited to see what I can do with this processor. I am really wanting to see how far I can overclock it, but I need to do some reading before I venture into that area. I think the chip can take it. After all, this is the same one that hit 8.43ghz with a single core on an overclock. Of course, they cooled it with liquid nitrogen and and then liquid helium, but it was still kind of interesting to watch them do it!

AMD FX 8150 overclocked to 8.429ghz

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