Scarlet Blade

This is a game I have mentioned to some people in Star Trek Online. When I first heard about it, I liked the game mechanic of being able to become part of a machine so you could do battle. It’s a game from S Korea and like most things from Asia, they go all out…on some things. Turns out that this game is very sexual in nature and definitely not for the younger folks. Still, I am intrigued by the game play stuff I have read and will still give it a try once it’s out and ready to go. I just hope the sexuality doesn’t attract too many weirdos.

Scarlet's BladeI guess the promotional picture kind of speaks for itself. Through my research I was able to find other promotional photos, but many of them are NSFW so I am not posting them. I am sure you can find them if you want, but I would not suggest doing it at work.

As with other games from abroad, SB is getting a makeover to suit it for western players. I am actually against this. Sure, most of the stuff getting redone is of a sexual nature, but it was part of the original game which, from what I hear, is very successful in S Korea. It is kind of sad that certain gaming companies here in the United States feel they have to “westernize” a game for us before we can play it. I know something similar happened with the game Tera as well. Their issue was that many western players did not understand the concept of “Loli,” but that’s a whole other post in itself.

If you are interesting in checking out more information about Scarlet’s Blade, check out the website by clicking here.

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