Star Trek Online Assignments – Critical!

Always nice to logon and see this. You can usually pick up “Strike Against Fugitive Support Network” by DS9 or ESD. It is only available after you complete the Facility 4028 Fugitives assignment chain which is also pictured below. On a critical, you always get at least 5 contraband and several prisoners. As you can see, it helps to use your best Assault Squad officers on this assignment. Each of these officers also have the Aggresive trait which really pushes up your critical chances.

Strike Against Fugitive Support NetworkFacility 4028 Fugitives

One thought on “Star Trek Online Assignments – Critical!”

  1. Congrats, anything to up your contraband count is super handy. Before my internet went out, I was pulling about 6 a day since my critical success was pretty good. But then you strike it rich for this assignment, it pretty beats any reward you find in the DOFF system. Exception to very rare items you can pick up on board.

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