2013 Computer Build – AMD Zambezi 8 Core 3.6ghz Black Edition

Here are a few photos of the various components that went into my new computer build. You’ll notice that there isn’t a photo of my video card. I got a new one about 5 weeks ago and was using it on my old rig so I left it out. In case you are wondering, it’s a Galaxy GTX 560 1gig GDDR5. I also reused my hard drive, but I have another on order that will significantly speed up my system. I am going to wait on getting a SSD as the one I want is still over $400.

Rosewill RedBone CaseThis is the Rosewill Redbone Case I chose. Word of advice though. I had to make an “adjustment” to the case to get the radiator for the liquid cooling system to fit.

AMD 8 Core Zambezi Processor 3.6ghz Black EditionThis is the processor I’ve wanted for a while now. AMD FX-8150 8 Core Processor Black Edition (Overclockable) – 3.6ghz stock clock. Liquid CoolingA sideview of the box the processor and cooling system came in.

Rosewill PSU

The 700w Rosewill power supply, showing the specs.

Rosewill PSURosewill 700 watt PSU unboxed.

Bare Case

The Redbone case getting ready to have some goodies placed into him.

AMD ZambeziThe Zambezi still in its box.

Liquid COoler

The Liquid Cooling system unboxed. (Not pictured are 2 120mm fans that came with it)

Multicard ReaderA card reader i opted for since I often times get SD cards sent to me. Also gave me an extra USB 2.0 port.

SabretoothHere is the Zambezi installed in the Sabretooth. (See below for the fate of the Sabretooth)

Installed Sabretooth

Another shot of the Sabretooth installed. Sadly, I am returning this beast of a motherboard. Why? It doesn’t work! I must have spent 8 hours on this thing, reading post after post on the internet of people who had all sorts of problems with this thing. $180 and it BSOD‘ed more times than Vista at launch. It’s a very long story, but needless to say Newegg.com tried to tell me tough luck. I wasn’t having any of that. After a little arguing, they agreed to take back the board. I told them I wasn’t about to get stuck with a $180 brick. They refused at first, but after I told them I would just call my bank to dispute the charge they agreed to the return. I orignally ordered an MSi board, but then decided to go all out and buy the Sabretooth. What a huge mistake. The little $80 MSi board worked right off the bat with no problems at all. After 20 minutes on the MSi board installation, I had a working computer. After 8+ hours screwing with the ASUS Sabretooth and 25 minutes arguing with New Egg, I ended up with a refund. You can check out the MSi board I ended up with by clicking here.

Installed PSUThe Rosewill PSU installed. As you can see, this is a bottom mount case.

Installed DVD WriterAfter installing the DVD Writer. I am actually about to get a BluRay player. Not a writer though as I have heard the hardware isn’t up to snuff yet. Too many people ending up with coasters. Besides, I have no need for a BluRay writer.

Installed CoolerThe liquid cooling system installed!

Kingston RAMMy Kingston Hyper Black RAM (1600) 8gigs (2x4gigs). I already have 8 more gigs on order.

Well, that’s all I have for the new build at this time. I used the onboard overclocking tool supplied by MSi which pushed my CPU to 3.897Ghz. I noticed a very slight change in performance, but the heat had me concerned so I knocked it back down to stock speed. Maybe when I do some video editing I will kick it back to about 4ghz for that little extra push.

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