Scarlet Blade – First Impressions

Here are a few things I have thought about with my first couple of days in the game.


New Game – It’s new so of course I am going to find it amusing and fun (for Western audiences anyway). A game has to be absolutely terrible for me to turn it off after a couple of hours. I can’t say that the game is amazing, but it’s keeping me interested to see what else they have in store for us.

Girl Power – I have grown tired of the “rescue the damsel in distress” idea that has been around since…well, since entertainment began. It’s nice to see a woman take on a role of power and do it well. There are other games out there that offer the same, but Scarlet Blade is focus 100% on women with no playable male characters at all. I know the real reason for this, but I would just like to enjoy the female attention for a little bit.

Clothing – With various outfits available for all the different classes, you are almost always satisfied with your attire…or lack thereof. I personally find the armor hilariously revealing, but again, we know why this is done.

Minimal Changes From The Original – From what I am hearing, this version of the S Korean game is virtually the same with the exception of the censoring of the Sentinel. It would appear that western audiences are still not familiar or comfortable with the idea of a Loli character in a game.

Community – Can you believe it? Even in a game that boasts about their characters having ridiculously large chests and bottoms there can in fact be a very friendly and helpful community. In a way, we have to owe that to the Mature labeling it has. Sure, there will be a few jerks, but that’s normal in MMOs. Yes, I know you can always place someone on ignore, but in a game rated Mature, should we really have to worry about that? This thought leads into my next pro.

Love for Lolicons – It would seem that people in the western world think the worst of those who prefer Loli characters over others. In the game Tera, I have heard horror stories about people being accused of pedophilia simply because they chose to play an Elin, a Loli character in that game. In the first couple of days in Scarlet’s Blade, I have seen a little animosity toward Sentinel players, but not very much. In case you didn’t read my post on Loli’s, a Loli is simply a character that is considered cute and adorable (Kawaii). In most cases, they are also smaller than other characters. One thing though that people do not seem to understand is that Loli’s ARE NOT children. There are plenty of women in the world (including myself) that are smaller in stature. Some are also quite petite, yet they are women. There are plenty of men who prefer those type of women over others…so why can they not be allowed to play one in a game? I know of plenty of women both here and in other parts of the world who play up their sexuality regardless of their size. Just because I am 5’1″ does not mean I can’t doll myself up a little and look somewhat sexual if I choose to. It is true that, to avoid any sort of controversy, Aeria Games decided to censor the Sentinel character for the western version of the game because they feel an American or European audience cannot look past any preconceptions they have of Lolicon and the people who like them. While I cannot say I prefer a Lolicon character, I do understand their appeal and do not hold anything against people who play them simply out of preference. Instead of making terrible accusations of people who play Loli, maybe those accusers should look at themselves and ask why they see a child and not a small woman.

Two Tiered Security – Not only do you have to enter a password with numbers, letters, and at least one letter in cap, but you also have to enter a 6 digit code that can only be entered using a mouse and a rotating keypad. To some that may sound annoying, but to gamers, we really don’t mind. So many times have I heard about people getting their accounts hacked because they don’t do the simplest of things like occasionally scan their computer for malware. While I know this security measure is not 100% effective, it will make is much harder for people to gain unauthorized access to your account.


Customization – While they do make their characters fairly attractive, even to the feminine eye, the lack of customization when it comes to facial features and body design is a real downer. Yes, I know that the demographic for this game is men in their 20s so seeing a massive rack on a woman is probably what they want. Still, not everyone (even 20 something men) wants a girl with a FFF chest. Some men prefer a woman with a more natural figure and players do not get the option to make adjustments in that area unless you play a different class.

Immaturity – This game makes no secret that it is not designed or intended for children which can be a good thing. I have played several games and nothing is more annoying than having a 13 year old going crazy in chat. It gets downright annoying. Games like World of Warcraft have struggled because of this (I actually quit Warcraft because of the terrible community). Other games like Star Trek Online have a very helpful community that I have to say is one of the biggest reasons why I will continue to play a game. Little things like this is why I have to mark this as a Con.

ChatI can’t hate on this too much because in a game designed to elicit a response from men, this is par for the course.

Camera Limitations – I found this to be probably the most annoying issue of all. In all the other games I have played, there is at least an option where you can get the camera to follow directly behind you at all times…so when you turn, your character’s view is also yours. In SB, you don’t even have the option. I went through all the options in the interface and there simply isn’t a way to change this. I visited the Aeria Games / Scarlet Blade forums and a few other people have also voiced concerns over this. Having to constantly change the camera angle can get downright annoying and takes away from the enjoyment. You can change the other key binds to whatever you want however which is always a good thing, but at the same time expected in an MMO.

Inability to Move – I have leveled up a Punisher class which is essentially a Warcraft Hunter without a pet. I prefer ranged to melee so this felt like a good fit for me. The problem? You cannot move while shooting. I can understand not moving if there is a casting time with your ability, but so far all the things my punisher can do don’t require one. Because of this, I cannot effectively move while fighting any creatures. Yes, you can stop your attack and move here and there, but in most cases it’s pointless because the mob will stay within attack range and still strike you while you reposition. It feels as if all you can do is stand there and hope you can out damage your opponent before they kill you. You can use healing potions, but if you take them in battle they are far less effective than when taken out of battle which is also annoying seeing as how you can just sit down to self heal while out of combat, making the use of a potion a little pointless.

Well, these are just my first thoughts and some of them may be wrong so it’s best if you try the game for yourself. I hope with time the game improves and the community stays as strong as it does. Keep an eye out for more posts about Scarlet’s Blade in the coming days.

3 thoughts on “Scarlet Blade – First Impressions”

  1. Along with those camera limitations the movement problems would be quite a big turn off for me, being used to playing a Mage in WoW and playing ST:O it would seem odd. As for the Loli issue I think one of the problems is that a lot of the time the artwork et al seems to depict them as having child like features (just Google image search “loli”) in particular the facial structure.
    Anyhow I liked the article and I’m actually looking forward to reading more of your writing in the future about this and other titles.

  2. I find it interesting that I commented on the whole Kitchen Nightmares thing (visit to see what’s going on) just 45 minutes ago…then suddenly an IP from Arizona (where the episode took place) comments on my first impressions of a game and calls me fastidious. Could it be…Samy? Oh, and if you like, that IP was

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