Scarlet Blade – The Loli Characters

Most people have already formed an opinion on a Lolicon character or “Loli” for short. For those who are unaware of what that really means, a Loli is a character, be it in a video game, an anime, or even a live action show, that is considering adorable and cute, and is usually smaller in terms of size when compared with others of similar age. In other words, a Loli in pretty much every case is just a small adult.

In the Scarlet’s Blade game, there are not only Loli Non Player Characters (NPCs), but also a playable Loli race know as a Sentinel. As to be expected, the character is designed to be smaller than all the other playable characters and also very cute in terms of her style and the way she acts within the game. Here is a short video of an in game Loli. (Listen for her voice)

I already know what some people are thinking and I have to say, they are wrong. It does make me worry though that if when seeing a Loli they think of a child, is it they that should be concerned or me? Being a smaller person myself (I am all of 5’1″) it also makes me wonder if people think of me as a child. If I dressed up like a Loli in Asia people would probably want to snap pictures of me and talk to me whereas in some Western countries people would automatically assume the worst. It’s an interesting conundrum to say the least. When I look at a Loli, I just think of some one sort of like me: small, cute, most likely adorable. (hehe) I don’t think of myself as a child.


4 thoughts on “Scarlet Blade – The Loli Characters”

  1. love your thoughts and agree. But the west is a hypocritical place. they say one thing and do another. most probably don’t mind but because of society they see anything that looks out of place should be ostracized

  2. Very much so. It feels like here in America if you do something that the majority doesn’t agree with they make you feel like you should pay for it the rest of your life. There comes a time when people need to move on and often, the American mob mentality simply will not let them. Just because a person finds something cute or adorable doesn’t make them a pervert or a pedo. I know plenty of people that would fall under the catagory of Kawaii, but they are adults and still look very young. Heck, I know a 33 year old woman that is quite small and petite. She is very cute and I see why men like her. Does that make them all perverts? I think most Americans and westerners do not think but five minutes in front of them before making a judgment on people. I am sure people around the world are guilty of that as well in one form or another, but I can only speak for what I know and I know the USA.

  3. I totally agree. Nobody questions their preconceived notions of why they don’t like something. Part of me thinks that it’s been socialized out of them, to admit to finding teenagers attractive (we’re talking physically mature ones that look 20+, not prepubescent, look up miss teen), despite being over 18 themselves and knowing it’s “perverted” or “sick”. I mean look at this woman. She’s a teenager how exactly? She looks late 20s to me. Not saying she’s ugly or bad or anything mean, just that she’s clearly not a teenager physically and those same illogical people will associate these women with a 13 year old in their minds. Go up to anyone and tell them a story about a teenager and a 30 year old dating, without saying the teens age (make the teen a girl/woman for maximum effect) and watch their reactions. Disdain and disgust.
    Then you got women like
    Who, ironically, looks younger in her 30 year old picture. Then again, they cheated I’m quite sure.

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