Scarlet Blade – Additional Thoughts

I have continued with the Scarlet Blade Closed BETA and there are additional concerns I have about the game. While I do find many things about the game appealing, as with any game, there are bound to be a few things I really dislike, even hate. Some are just cosmetic while others are a little more serious. Here are a few of them.


Repetitiveness – As I was leveling up through quests, I quickly realized that we were doing the same thing over and over again. Yes, I know that is within the nature of most MMOs, but most games at least try to hide this or reserve repetitiveness for things like daily quests or dungeons. In this case, it was doing the same thing over and over, one right after the other. An example is the games lack of original content when it comes to kill quests. Every game has them, but SB doesn’t even seem to try to mask what it is. Several times as you level up (you will definitely notice this when you hit your 20s) you are asked to kill a certain number of mobs. In one quest, you are asked to kill 7 of a particular monster. Easy enough, but what comes next? You have the quest giving asking you to go kill 10 more of the same monster. A little annoying and expected from an MMO, but what comes after that quest? The same NPC asking you to now go kill 15 more of that exact same monster. I know this happens in MMOs, but I guess with a new game I was hoping for something a little different.

Running – I have messed with each class, but I chose, for the beta, to level up a punisher. She is alright. Not overpowering, but she has her moments once you learn how to use her. I like that she is one of the most proportional characters, although her body is still tailored to satisfy the eye of horny men and probably a couple of lesbians. That’s all fine and good. After all, we knew what we were getting with this game. What gets my goat is the fact that they’ve tried to build up these characters as bad ass women who take matters into their own hands…so why does she run like she is trying to make it to the bathroom in time? I understand this is a fantasy world, but in other games the walk of a female (or male) character seems a bit more natural.

Collection Quests – Maybe it’s just me asking for too much, but there are no “kneel down and collect” quests in the game. Yes, there are quests that ask you to kill a certain monster for a particular item, but nothing where you go and collect various things like plants, rocks, etc. In a way, it’s actually sort of nice to not have these quests because so many MMOs have them. The downside however is that you are left with kill quests and location quests. The locations quests are good in that they are a simple way to earn some experience for leveling. The bad thing is when you need over 1m experience points for your next level, 8k exp is hardly worth the trouble. Over and over people have been complaining that you eventually run out of quests at certain points in the leveling process. I ran into this snag once, but thankfully I was so close to the next level that I just had to grind monster kills for about 10 minutes to get there. I think adding quests where you collect items just by picking them up would add a slew of new ways to level up without just having to mash buttons and kill enemies. I’m not sure if this is something in the pipeline, but we will have to wait and see.


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