Tera – Infamous Play Button Glitch Fixed?

I downloaded Tera several months ago, hoping to get into it and see what it was all about. After finally getting the game downloaded and installed, I pressed the play button and…nothing. The game just sat and never loaded for me. After diving into the help forums, I noticed that a ton of other people were having the same issue. To say I followed all instructions, I did exactly what the help post in their forums asked me to do. I opened up ports on my router, made a few other changes, and nothing. Not one thing changed. After several days of not being able to log on, I got a response from their help desk and they claimed my computer was probably to old to play the game.


Even my old rig was good enough to play games like Star Trek Online, World of Warcraft, and Battlefield 3 so why can’t I play a game like Tera that I doubt has any requirements that those games do not have? After upgrading to a much meaner rig (see my old posts), I kept playing my other games as well as jumping into Scarlet Blade. I noticed that I still had Tera installed so I gave it a go. Still nothing. Play button was still broken even on a rig that could be considered one of the best consumer builds available today.

Yesterday, before uninstalling Tera for good, I gave it one last chance. A patch was available for both the game and the downloader. I figured what the hell and downloaded the patches. Guess what. Play button works now. I guess it took them that long to realize that not all of the thousands of people having issues with their game could just have old, machines. Maybe they realized it was really their game that was screwed.

As most game developers go, none of them want to admit that their game has shortcomings. In this case though, it was made all too obvious. I am not sure if they changed the way their game plays or if there really was just an issue with the play button that was fixed. I doubt we will get an answer out of them.

As far as the game itself goes, I got bored of it after 30 minutes. Go figure.


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