Scarlet Blade Servers Crash

At about 525pm Central Time (USA) a large number of the player base was kicked from the Scarlet Blade servers, prompting a massiving migration to the Aeria Games forums. There was such a response that within 15 minutes, Aeria locked down the Scarlet Blade forums, leaving players to shout about their frustration in the shout box.

server Crash

You can’t be too angry about this. After all, SB is still in BETA and to be honest, I was expecting a crash. Things seemed to be going so well though so when the game suddenly closed on me and I could not log back in, it took me off guard. Needless to say Aeria is working on the issue as I am sure they are aware that every moment the game is down means they are losing money from people buying founders packs. Hopefully this downtime will be short lived as I was about to hit level 20 on my new medic. Yes, I ran punisher on Closed Beta, but I decided to go medic on open. Why? The medic never dies! Seriously, I am almost level 20 and haven’t died a single time in open world, even with 3-4 mobs on me. In pvp, well, of course you are going to die there.

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