Has the Wii U Squandered Its Head Start?


As I usually do, I was checking out some gaming news and came across a very interesting article about the Wii U, the latest gaming console from a major player in the industry. The reason the article stuck with me was because I had seriously considered buying a Wii U because of the popularity of the original Wii. I liked the idea of having the option to get more involved with your games in a physical sense. While I never owned a Wii, I was able to play some of the early games released with it like Wii sports and found them quite enjoyable. I especially liked the tennis game as it got you moving back and forth and if you pushed it, you could actually work up a decent sweat. I almost bought a Wii, but then I heard back in 2012 that the Wii U was coming so I held off. I kept thinking that they would wow me with a few game offerings, but they never did. They just threw the standard Mario games out and expected people to go nuts. We didn’t. Here is Chris Morris going over what he feels Nintendo did wrong (via Yahoo! News).


Wii U Squanders its Head Start


Nederlands: Het Wii-U Logo
Nederlands: Het Wii-U Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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