Scarlet Blade – Ridiculously Expensive Items?

I was checking out the Aeria Games website, notably the AP store for Scarlet Blade. I happened upon a new offer from the store. See below.


Notice that this pack does have some decent stuff in it, including permanent bank space. One other thing you might notice is the price…19999 Aeria Points to purchase.

Let me be the first to say…Are you kidding me? I did a little research. I went into the Aeria Points purchaser and went in to see about how much real world money this package would cost. Using their “Recommended” method of buying AP, I calculated how much it would cost to buy the pack. I am not a math wiz so I may not be spot on, but I came up with $132.86 (rounded).


That’s right. Almost $133…for a vanity item. Yes, some of the other items are decent like the bag space, but from what I have seen with other items, this extra bag space will go towards a single character and not all. Just to give you an idea of how much more expensive this game is, I will use Star Trek Online for comparison. Most outfits available through that game come out to about $5 each. Yes, I understand that you are going to pay more through Scarlet Blade because you see a whole lot more skin, but let us not forget that this is just a video game. The other two items in the pack (megaphones and the Mother’s Blessing) I consider worthless as I am not constantly annoying the rest of the server by shouting and I do not mind running back if I am ever killed in the regular zones…which has happened maybe once. Let’s be real honest here. Most people don’t care about the megaphones or the Mother’s Milk. Hell, some may not even care for the bag space. They are probably buying this specifically for the vanity item. I admit, it looks nice and will probably turn a few heads in game, but I cannot see spending $133 on something that just looks pretty.

Going back to the Star Trek Online comparison, when you purchase something like an outfit from their C-Store, that item is then unlocked for ALL of your characters as long as they are on the same faction (If you purchase an outfit pack on a Federation character, it is then made available to ALL your feds), Aeria isn’t practicing this here. They are asking you to spend a boatload of money on an item that gives you no advantage in game and that you can only get on a single character. I have to disagree with this method of operation. I understand that Aeria is in the business to make money and I will never slight them for that. I mean that’s why you have a business. That being said, it doesn’t mean I have to agree with their business plans. The model is good, allowing people to purchase little items here and there for real money, but making the game free to play. I am all for them making some money on the venture. I just think that severely overpricing their items will hinder the growth of the game. You have to think about your core audience when it comes to free to play games. Luckily, I have decent money so if I choose, I could buy a few items here and there. I would have to imagine if you are playing a FTP game, you may not have a ton of cash. Sure, some of us do, but a lot of us don’t. In fact, if I were maybe a poor college kid, looking for something to do between classes, I would probably end up in a FTP game. It just sucks that I would never be able to afford any of the “cool” items.

I have seen some of the “Lucky Box” deals they have, but even that has me concerned. Yes, they are pretty inexpensive. I saw one for about 169 AP and a few others for 249. What bothers me is that this sort of selling is kin to lottery playing. You spend the money, but you don’t know what you are going to get. You could get a really nice item like some tradable lingerie, but chances are you’re going to end up with a mostly useless hypovial. Aeria also doesn’t post the drop rates or chances of winning a certain item on their lucky boxes. I know that a lotto ticket doesn’t guarantee that I will win any money, but at least they tell me the odds before I buy. Aeria apparently doesn’t want to provide the drop rates for their lucky boxes which is quite annoying. Again, in Star Trek Online, they too offer something similar to gambling where you spend real money on a lock box key. You then open any number of different lock boxes in game and get a couple of items. In most cases, you can, at the very least, sell most of the items you get in the lock box. They usually aren’t worth a massive amount of Energy Credits (The STO currency), but you can usually get something back on it. In this case with Aeria, they make the other items in the box so worthless that putting them on the exchange is laughable.

All in all, I seriously doubt I will be buying any AP anytime soon. I will add that you can earn AP by doing some of the offers on the offer page which you can find by clicking here.

Keep in mind, most of the “free” offers on that page do not pay out well and you would have to do a very large amount of them to earn any significant amount of AP. They also have some paid offers as well which might work out for you if you truly need the service that the AP’s are offered with. Just make sure you read the fine print as some of those offers only pay out if you buy something or make a commitment to another service.

4 thoughts on “Scarlet Blade – Ridiculously Expensive Items?”

  1. Actually, $114.28 USD. But I agree, way too much. I suggested on the forums a couple of weeks ago to get rid of the lucky boxes, to sell everything outright and individually in the cash store, and THIS is the next thing they come up with. Not exactly selling everything individually, but not a lucky box, either. I like the permanent bank and backpack space (yeah, that’s permanent, too), but still. I can’t justify that kind of money for one character. If it was an account unlock for all classes, I’d start scraping the cash together. But one character of one class? No thanks.

  2. To play this game, is originally for pevert people, i do … guilty as charge. So what a pevert people do? you won’t even believe it if you never saw one. $100 is a small price for them to see more skin games, you must know, for them, but not me, skin in reality or in video games are nearly the same, and for some, a real skin isn’t perfect enough, so they are more value their $$$ for the game, video, anime, antion figure, etc. It is what it is… and that’s the developer aim for. Hell, you even slowly get to be a real pevert if you often play the game and such as…

  3. For starters lingerie unsealers cost twenty (20) bucks. Pervs will buy it but it has a p2w aspect which will give you an edge early on in the game. How so? Removing the base lingerie and replacing it with CS lingetie will give hp boosts as early as level 18. Thats just the beginning.
    A few months back there was this lucky box where you can get this absurdly fast bike. We called it the 500 dollar bike because some rich idiot actually spent FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ( $ 500) on those unlucky boxes to get one.
    Want good gear above level 40? Tiered sspender on cs on call it quits. Some people have spent rediculous amounts of AP it is almost unreal. Just to grief poorly geared players ( 99% of us) a few rich idiots will spend ap to make lvk 12 gear and raise the prices at gloria way above the roof like some auction in sothebys. And then there are the gold beggars and scammers from that certain part of the world who think everyone else is from their country, but thats another story.

    The japanese version died one month after the lvl cap was raised to 54. If this also happens with the one server for the whole world ( except kr and taiwan) then it would be no big surprise to anyone at all.

  4. Sadly the game feels more like a cash grab than anything anyone would actually enjoy. I also think that if people actually want to pay money for pixel boobs, there are many other options out there for that. 3DXChat for example is a subscription game, but there is no extra content to buy. Ever. You can do all things, including sex in MANY different ways. I know it may seem like I am a big 3DXChat fangirl, but it is true. Scarlet Blade could have been a fun game, but the grind and the p2w mentality from the studio producing it will eventually run it into the ground. Kind of sad.

    I still login to it at least once a week to check things out and give the fans some screen shots they might enjoy. If anything, maybe I am sparing them the heartache of spending gobs of money on a mediocre game when all they really want is to look at girls anyway.

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