Scarlet Blade – Can You See the Shadowwalker?

Here is an interesting picture of a Shadowwalker I made on the game Scarlet Blade. I’m not a huge fan of their stealth mode, but it still looks alright. In a way, I wish their stealth was similar to a rogue’s stealth on World of Warcraft. In SB, it has a 40 second cooldown and after 30 seconds, it automatically breaks. In WOW, there are no such restrictions.


2 thoughts on “Scarlet Blade – Can You See the Shadowwalker?”

  1. I see her. 🙂 I wish you could put the camera in a true free mode for better screenshots. These characters have terrific potential as digital models. And the game’s scenery? The potential for backgrounds alone is staggering. If they would just allow a free camera mode and put in some more poses, like most of what Cryptic offers in STO, then there would be a lot of great shots the players could take.

  2. I have heard from other players that the game only utilizes a single core from your processor so it’s easy to see that this game could have been so much more. I recently upgrades specificly so I could play some of the latest and greatest games fore the next couple of years. I was disappointed when I learned of this. Heck, even STO can make my computer turn on an extra fan I have as I play it. With SB, my comp is like “Are you playing scrabble again?”

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