For the Lonely Gamer – A Cuddle Bar!

I found this on a website about various oddities in the world and I thought it was actually really cute!

I’m sure you’re all aware of things like brothels and what they are for. This however is NOT a brothel and actually really interesting and very innocent.

In Japan, you can actually pay to sleep with a woman. No, no. I didn’t say have sex with her. I said SLEEP with a woman. As weird as it may seem, there is a place where, if you choose (and can afford it), you can pay to actually lie down with a woman and go to sleep. Or you can lie there awake with her. Your choice. The idea is that often times men become very stressed and sometimes, instead of a physical release like what you get from sex, simply want someone to be close to. It makes perfect sense, really. Men often do not like to admit that they like to cuddle from time to time, but they do. The fact that the women available from this service are quite attractive is an obvious bonus.

Don’t believe me?

cuddlebar1 cuddlebar2

These screen captures are in English as I have the translator active in Chrome. If you can read Japanese, obviously it’s easier to tell what everything says. The website address is so feel free to check them out even if you want to look around. With current exchange rates, you get an hour of cuddle time for about $60 USD (6000 Yen). They also offer other options as well for an additional fee such as having her in a specific position or dressing her in something you prefer. Do keep in mind that this is a CUDDLE bar so if you try to get fresh with your cuddle partner, you’ll be asked to leave and you will not get a refund.

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