3DXChat – Screen Shot

Here is a game that has been flying under the radar for a while now. It is still technically in the beta stage, but already has a huge following. (UPDATED! Check bottom for more details)

The game is rated ADULTS ONLY which is actually good. While there are a few immature people in the game, most are very nice, kind, considerate. Very adult. While the sexual part of the game is obviously a big selling point, the community seems to be quite good as well. Almost no trolls in this community at all! I think if you try this game out, you might initially do so for the sex, but you may end up staying for the community. The graphics are actually pretty good considering most of the previous adult oriented games have been just awful. One huge selling point will be that you can have actual sex in the game. There are actual animations for seductive dancing and many for sex. They are also adding more items and detail all the time. Just yesterday they added in many more eye and sunglass options which are pretty good. While customization is sort of limited, I expect it to get much better as the game develops more.

In comparison to other games, this one is quite small, having only a handful of areas to explore. Unlike your traditional MMO setup, there are no missions here and there are no achievements. This is simply a virtual world that you exist in along with many other people. When starting out, you are already granted access to all clothing (according to the sex you choose, male or female) and you are also given two different homes which you can customize as well. Again, it is limited right now, but we expect this to improve with time. Unfortunately, there is no free trial for this game. It is subscription based (for obvious reasons). I will post some video footage once I gather enough. I will, however, have to check with my host to make sure I am not violating their TOS for content.

More Screen shots to come which will in all likelihood not be safe for work. You have been warned! Again, this is an ADULTS ONLY game. 18+ (or 21+ depending on your area).

3DXChat 2014-05-27 18-06-03-95


I just checked with my providers TOS and it appears I am not allowed to post pictures or video that is strictly pornographic. Nudity appears to be alright, but I cannot post anything that is overtly sexual such as actual sex so my screen shots and videos for this game will be limited. I can still post up a few juicy pictures for you all, but anything beyond that is not doable. I still hope you all enjoy them. If I do post any pictures that contain very sexual things, I will have to edit them. More to come!

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